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Vegan Grazing Board

Beet Hummus, Avocado-Boursin Dip

Prep: 10

Servings: 2


4 ounces beet hummus (VG)

4 ounces avocado boursin dip (VG)

4 ounces baby carrots tri-color

¼ each cucumber English medium seedless 12 count

4 ounces pepper sweet mini mix colors

4 ounces tomato fresh heirloom baby

½ cup giardiniera vegetables

2 ounces almond whole natural

4 ounces cracker flatbread supreme

2 ounces tortilla corn blue ¼ cut

2 each quartered radishes


4 ounces beet red peeled and cooked

¼ each lemon

⅒ ounces salt kosher

1 tablespoon oil olive blend 75/25

8 ounces dip hummus traditional


½ each avocado green skin

3 ounces cheese boursin dairy-free G & H

2 ounces cheese cream vegan

2 ounces milk almond unsweetened

¼ each lemon

⅓ teaspoons salt kosher


1. Fry blue corn tortillas in clean frying oil at 350°F until crispy. Drain and blot off excess oil.

2 Arrange all components to make presentation aesthetically pleasing.


Prep Time: 5 min Yields: 12 ounces

1. In a small food processor, combine rough chopped beets, salt, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and olive oil. Process until beets are pureed.

2. Add prepared traditional hummus and pulse to combine.

3. Taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly. Place in an airtight container, label, date, and refrigerate.


Prep Time: 10 min Yields: 10 ounces

1. In a food processor, combine all ingredients. Pulse until all ingredients are well combined and the avocado is nicely pureed.

2. Taste for seasoning. Adjust accordingly. Place in an airtight container, label, date, and refrigerate.

Content provide by, Sysco and Chef Nora Galdiano.